This website has been designed with two primary roles in mind...


A browser Startpage/Homepage for anyone living in or around Barlborough, Derbyshire, UK. A web portal providing lots of local information and a whole heep of national and international links and whilst having no emphasis on celebrity or commercially driven content, many links are provided to websites that do. So there's something for most visitors. More»


Its second role is to provide web based applications that can be used instead of desktop based ones. Using the web based widgets on this website will release vital memory resources of any computer.



The best research tool on the net, QuickSearch is located top-right on all pages. Simply enter a subject and click a filter or any website logo that appears. Click the info icon Info Icon for more help. The 6 sections HOME, BUSINESS, TRAVEL, TECHNOLOGY, SPORT and LIFESTYLE can be viewed as one continuous page or seperately.



Links to websites that normally require you to log-in will be directly to its log-in page. Some links are found in more than one section as you may require those links for differing reasons, eg Currency related links are found in both the Travel and Business sections.